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Hexcodings The giggle is the best part of this skill lol. Ok I'm going to bed. Going to regret staying up this late.
Hexcodings Took me a while to figure out how to cast this spell. I finally realized it's one of your 100% black spirit skills.
Hexcodings No idea what I'm doing with this scythe lol. Time to sit at the target dummies to get better at switching between awakening & pre-awakening. :3
Hexcodings I got my scythe on my sorceress! Now I need to learn all the combos and how to tie them in with pre-awakening skills. xD
Hexcodings Yayyy going for a ride!! Oh um... ok lol.
Hexcodings There can only be one edgelord!
Hexcodings Sorry about that!
Hexcodings Now the real "grind" begins!